As a wedding photographer, I play one of the most important roles in your special day.  I will document this important occasion so that you can view the images and reflect upon the emotion and joy that was present, for years to come.  I will provide beautiful memories that cannot be replicated, I will maintain the utmost professionalism during the wedding day…


Ashley and Keziah_20150614_0105 Benedictor and Shabani_20150223_0101 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0033-2 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0178 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0181 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0273 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0296 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0357 Damien and Elizabeth_20151003_0407 Damien and Tara_20151018_0002 Damien and Tara_20151018_0034 Damien and Tara_20151018_0053 Damien and Tara_20151018_0055 Damien and Tara_20151018_0078 Damien and Tara_20151018_0079 Damien and Tara_20151018_0215 Damien and Tara_20151018_0236 Damien and Tara_20151018_0239 Damien and Tara_20151018_0326 Damien and Tara_20151018_0328 Dan and Belinda Dan and Belinda Dan and Dani_20130720_0006 Dan and Dani_20130720_0033 Dan and Dani_20130720_0195 Dan and Dani_20130720_0263 Dan and Dani_20130720_0324 Darius and Gertrude Darius and Gertrude Darius and Gertrude David and Jessica David and Jessica_20131005_0038 David and Jessica David and Jessica David and Jessica Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0083 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0212 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0424 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0572 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0631-2 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0692-2 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0838 Mitch and Anne-Marie_20141005_0887 Scott and Briana Scott and Briana Scott and Briana Scott and Briana Wes and Holly_20151017_0004 Wes and Holly_20151017_0027 Wes and Holly_20151017_0033 Wes and Holly_20151017_0072 Wes and Holly_20151017_0086

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